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Brass Pipe Fittings :

Brass Pipe Fittings :

Our products range in brass fittings include hex nipple, reducer, adaptor, extension piece, tank pipe, tank connector, and brass stop plug.

We also manufacture brass fittings, pipe fittings, sanitary fittings and plumbing fittings as per customer's specifications.
A wide range of Brass Bronze Gun Plugs Elbows Crosses tees in different sizes and shapes. Each Brass Bronze Gun Metal Elbow Tee or Cross is checked for casting defects. Also available Brass Bronze gun Metal castings and casting cast parts fittings components accessories .
Brass central heating plumbing and radiator accessories and fittings including brass fitting reducing bushes plugs sockets hose tails nipples air vents central heating radiator bleed keys clock type and normal Rad key available. Also Brass end caps thread adaptors connectors Hexagon Nipples threaded bathroom sanitary and Pipe fittings Brass water heater accessories components for heaters boilers bushes plugs connectors adaptors sockets end caps and threaded Brass fittings and Parts are our speciality.

Chrome plated C.P. Brass Sanitary CP Nickel plated plumbing and bathroom Fittings .We offer Brass barrel Nipples, extension pieces extensions 3 piece connectors square Brass plugs sockets Polished Brass nipples sockets reducers tees compression fittings hex plugs hexagon bushes Hex Brass German nuts water mixer Brass nipples parts We are largest Indian manufacturer supplier exporter and producer of these Brass plumbing pipe sanitary bathroom fittings nipple and accessories . (from Jamnagar INDIA) We offer Brass moulding - Molding nuts inserts in NPT BSPT for UPVC drainage and sewerage fittings as well.



Hex Nipple

Size : 3/4" to 4"

Size : Male - Female

M 20 x M 25
M 20 x M 32
M 25 x M 32
M 32 x M 40
1/2 NPT x M 20
1 NPT x M 25

Size : Male - Female
M 25 x M 20
M 32 x M 20
M 32 x M 25
M 40 x M 20
M 40 x M 25
M 40 x M 32

Extension Piece

Size : 10 mm to 50 mm
Application : 3/4" x 3/4" Male and Female threading for sanitary fitting and plumbing fitting.

Tank Pipe

Size : 1/2", 3/4",1", 5/4", 3/2", 2", 3"
Application : For sanitary fitting and pipe fittings with round flange and hexagonal flange.

Tank Connector

Size : 3/4"

Stop Plug

Size : 20 mm, 50 mm, 3/4", 1"

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